Kirstin Wilson

Swim Coaches and Instructors
Title: Swim Instructor
Kirstin Wilson

Kirstin has worked for The Colony Aquatic Park for over two decades and loves her job!  In 1994, during her first job as a Lifeguard, her eyes opened to both the joys of helping people and water safety. Three years later, she became The Colony Aquatic Park’s Head Lifeguard and continued to expand her horizon by becoming a Lifeguard Instructor, a profession she still practices today.  In 1999, she realized that not only did she want to instruct older kids how to save lives, but also to teach younger children water safety, so she became certified as a Water Safety Instructor.

She believes water safety is a very important tool that every child needs.  She loves teaching children and helping them to grow their skills. Currently, she works with special needs children in LISD.  She and her husband have three boys, Matthew, Zachary, and Andrew.  Matt is following in her footsteps as both a Lifeguard and Instructor here at The Colony Aquatic Park.


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