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TC Outdoor Families

  1. Participants
    Please list the names and ages of all family members attending the event. If less than five family members are attending, list N/A in the extra fields.
  2. List any prescription and non-prescription medications currently being taken and the family member to whom it applies. If none, list N/A.
  3. List any allergies and the family member to whom it applies (include food, medication, insect sting/bites, etc). If none, list N/A.
  4. List any medical conditions and the family member to whom it applies (asthma, chronic back issues/surgery, heart problems, stroke, migraines, seizures, diabetes, etc.) If none, list N/A.
  5. Describe any physical and/or behavioral conditions that will require special assistance during the event. If none, list N/A.
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