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Athletics - Youth Sports Coaches Code of Conduct

  1. The Colony Parks and Recreation 

    Athletics Coaches Code of Conduct

     The Colony Parks and Recreation Athletics Department is committed to providing a positive sports participation opportunity to every child that registers for one of our programs. We have established a Coaches Code of Conduct Policy outlining how coaches should conduct themselves during the season. 

    Coach Code of Conduct

    Coaches Are Expected To:

    • Respect the officials and their authority during games.
    • Inform PARD Staff of any issues that arise at practices or games so they can be dealt with immediately and accordingly
    • Remember that you are a youth coach, and that the game is for children and not adults.
    • Lead by example and always demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after games.
    • Attend all practices and games unless a prior arrangement has been made with another approved coach (inform Athletics Supervisor of all team coaches names right away).
    • Complete the full NAYS training provided by the department. (Failure to do so will result in scheduled games being forfeited until training is completed)
    • Provide fair or equal amount of playing time when coaching.
    • Assure that gyms/fields are left clean and tidy after each practice and game. If not, the league could lose the privilege of using the facilities.
    • Stay within the time limits of your practice. Other teams have to practice and going over your practice time is taking away the opportunity for other teams.
    • Be responsible in monitoring and addressing parent’s and other spectator’s actions on the sidelines when necessary. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of ALL representatives of their team!
    • Never yell at or be disrespectful of the officiating staff. The coach’s behavior sets the example for everyone at the games. Excessively loud coaches will NOT be tolerated.
    • Communicate with the parents on your team and inform them of all team rules, practices and games.
    • Understand that any coach who does not follow these expectations or participate in the recreational spirit of this league may be removed as a coach or not invited back to coach in the future. The youth sport experience should be FUN for everyone involved!
    • Failure to sign this conduct policy will result in scheduled games being forfeited until signed.  

    Conduct Unbecoming

    The following conduct will be subject to disciplinary procedures:

    • The physical abuse of any person.
      1. This includes, but is not limited to, hitting, slapping, kicking, grabbing, or any other physical contact designed to discipline or humiliate
    • The verbal abuse of any person.
    • This includes disparaging or derogatory comments directed at players, coaches, referees, officials, or parents.
    • The failure to leave the playing field or sideline IMMEDIATELY when instructed to do so by a game official and/or PARD supervisor.
    • Dishonesty or cheating.
    • The use of profanity.
    • ANY unsportsmanlike behaviors before, during, and after games

    Suspension Guidelines

    Coaches, Spectators, & Players: (Unsportsmanlike Conduct)

    Unsportsmanlike conduct from a coach will not be tolerated. A coach showing unsportsmanlike conduct that does not warrant an ejection may face suspensions depending on severity, repetition, etc. The suspension length will be determined by the severity of the actions.

    Coaches: (Ejection)

    Suspension One: If a coach is ejected from a game they will receive a one game suspension. That suspension will be enforced at the next game.

    Suspension Two: If a coach is ejected from a game for a second time in one season, they will lose coaching privileges up to a year, depending on severity.

    Spectators: (Ejections)

    Suspension One: If a spectator is ejected from a game they will not be allowed to attend the following game.  

    Suspension Two: If a spectator is ejected from a second game during the season they will not be allowed to attend games for the remainder of the season and potentially longer, depending on severity.

    Player: (Ejections)

    Suspension One: If a player is ejected from a game they will not be allowed to attend the following game.  

    Suspension Two: If a player is ejected from a third game during the season they will no longer be allowed to play in our league for up to a year, depending on severity.


    *The Colony Parks and Recreation Department will determine consequences on a case-by-case basis if infraction does not meet the above guidelines. The aforementioned suspensions will be the minimum penalty enforced and may be increased depending on severity. It is up to The Colony Parks and Recreation Department discretion to determine additional consequences for any unsportsmanlike conduct during the season.*

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