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Average Monthly Payment Plan

  1. Average Monthly Payment Plan
    The City of The Colony is please to offer the Average Monthly Payment (AMP) plan which allows residential customers to average their utility costs over a period of time. AMP billing is based upon the average of your monthly charges for the past twelve (12) months at your current location. This service can be especially helpful when water usage fluctuates with summer irrigation and lower winter usage, thus enabling you to plan or budget your yearly utility costs. AMP bills are reviewed annually and will be recalculated after each December billing to reflect any increases or decreases in your actual bills.
  2. How do I enroll in the plan?
    In order to qualify for the plan, your account must have a history of at least 12 months. Your account must be current (no past due amounts). No more than 2 late payments in the previous 12 months. If AMP Plan payments are delinquent, the account may become ineligible and be removed from the AMP Plan, at which time your next regular bill will be a "settlement" bill and will include all unpaid and current charges. To enroll/unenroll in the AMP Plan, complete the form below and click on the submit button.
  3. You may cancel the program at any time!
    You may cancel your AMP Plan at any time. Your next regular bill with then be a "settlement" bill and will include all unpaid and current charges. To cancel the program select the unenroll option and click on the submit button.
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