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Utility Contribute

  1. Utility Contribute
    The City of The Colony is implementing a program that will allow citizens to voluntarily donate to the City for public purposes. This will be done by selecting the appropriate option(s) on the monthly bills:

    $1 Add-On Program: The customers can contribute an extra $1.00 per billing cycle.

    Recycling Rebate Program: Customers can donate the recycling rebates each billing cycle.

    Once a customer is enrolled in the donation program(s), they must request to be removed from participating by checking the proper box on the payment coupon and returning the payment coupon to the office or by contacting the Utility Administration Department at (972) 625-2741.

    The City Council has designated the donations to be used for social and community services, public safety citizen programs, and beautification projects that may include SH 121 landscaping, signage, gateway entry beautification and light pole painting.


    If you wish to participate in one or both of the donation program, please fill out the form below and submit.
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