When do I call 911?

We should determine first the definition of an emergency. Anything that compromises the safety of an individual or a crime in progress is a good general rule to use the 911 system. These include traffic accidents where people are hurt, assaults, fights, fires, and medical emergency calls. Our communications personnel dispatch for both police, fire, and EMS We understand that in times of difficulty, 911 is the easiest number to remember. 

But it should be used only in true emergencies. You may no doubt talk to the same person on the other end of the telephone, but the 911 system can become overloaded if non-emergency calls are placed into the system. For non-emergency calls such as barking dogs, vehicle complaints or to report criminal offenses that have already occurred, or similar calls "not in progress," we would prefer that you use 972-625-1887 our non-emergency dispatch center number.

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