General Facilities Rules

Guidelines for visiting the Library

  1. The general public shall be permitted entrance to the Library only during the scheduled hours of operation, not before or after.
  2. Youth under 9 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an individual 12 years of age or older. Adults and supervising teens must control all children accompanying them, not only for their safety, but to show respect for others.
  3. Organized groups with more than 10 participants desiring a group service, such as a tour or story time, are required to make advance arrangements with Library staff.
  4. No open beverage containers are permitted in the building. Customers will be urged to keep food and beverages away from library materials and to promptly handle any spills. No food or beverages are allowed at the public computers.
  5. Library customers and Library staff shall be treated with respect and courtesy. Use of loud, profane, abusive, obscene, threatening or injurious language or gestures directed at another person or engaging in any form of harassment or threatening behavior such as staring, stalking, offensive touching, obscene or indecent acts will not be tolerated in the Library or on Library property.
  6. Customers will set cell phones, pagers, and other devices with the capability to create sound to either silent or vibrate-only mode upon entering the Library. Customers will be aware of others and keep the volume of their conversations as low as practical, including on portable communication devices such as cell phones.
  7. The Library is concerned about the safety of both customers and Library staff. Behaviors and actions that endanger the public and staff are not allowed in the Library, or on the Library premises; such behaviors include running, climbing on the shelving, general rowdiness, and scuffling.
  8. Misuse, abuse and/or damage to the facility or any equipment is prohibited.
  9. Personal belongings must be kept under the immediate control of the owner, kept out of the walkways, and may be subject to inspection. The Library is not responsible for theft. Valuable articles and excessive amounts of money should not be brought to the Library. The staff will not secure money or other valuables for anyone.
  10. Cleated footwear, bikes, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, or similar equipment may not be used or worn in the Library. Bicycles ridden to the Library must be stored in the bicycle racks while riders are using library facilities.
  11. Smoking and all tobacco use, including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes, is prohibited.
  12. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in and around the building.
  13. Footwear and shirts are required for all customers. No wet swim wear is allowed inside the Library.
  14. A person may be required to leave the Library if his/her personal hygiene interferes with the orderly operation of the Library or with the ability of other customers to use and/or enjoy the facility.
  15. Animals, insects and other living organisms may not be brought into the Library. Trained guide animals are allowed when being used by a physically challenged guest. From time to time, animals may be used in Library programs with the permission of the Library Director and only under certain conditions that address the safety of guests and care of the facility.
  16. A courtesy phone is available at the Circulation Desk until 5 minutes before closing.
  17. Posting of events not sponsored by the City of The Colony must be in compliance with The Colony Public Library’s Posting of Public Notices policy.
  18. Soliciting is not permitted. Only fundraising activities of support organizations of The Colony Public Library are permitted in the Library.
  19. It is allowable for a customer using portable electronic equipment, such as laptop and portable notebook computers, to access the Library’s electrical outlets. The Library provides wireless access for use by customers with appropriately equipped wireless devices; the wireless access is not secure-–users assume all responsibility for securing their wireless devices. Neither wired modem nor wired network access for equipment brought in by customers is provided. Note: The Library and/or its staff will not be liable in the event that the customer’s equipment suffers any damage or loss to data, software, and/or hardware due to use of the Library's electrical outlets and/or wireless network.