Exam Proctor (Unavailable Until Further Notice)

Proctoring services at the Library

Due to COVID-19 concerns and out of an abundance of caution for its staff and visitors, TCPL is unable to provide proctoring services at this time.  We appreciate your understanding!

Exams are administered by appointment only. Students must schedule an appointment directly with a proctoring librarian. To ensure successful scheduling, appointment requests must be made at least seven (7) days in advance of the proposed proctoring date

The fee for this service is $15 per exam. Payment may be in the form of cash, credit/debit card (except American Express), check or money order; checks should be made payable to City of The Colony. Payment must be made before the exam is administered.

Proctors are only available during the Library's regular open hours, but exact availability within those hours will vary between individual proctors. When you are ready to schedule your exam, you must set up an appointment directly with one of our proctoring librarians. Students may be referred to another proctoring librarian if the first proctor is not available at the requested time. For general information or to ask about availability, please call the Library reference desk at 972-625-1900 ext. 3.

Proctoring Librarians

Kate Margolis, Assistant Director - Public Services 972-624-4404

Dan Watkins, Assistant Director - Operations 972-624-4405

Noelle Roseberry, Technical Services Librarian 972-624-4407

Nancy Boykin, Senior Librarian 972-624-4410

Student responsibilities:

  • The student must ensure that The Colony Public Library Proctoring Policy is understood and acceptable to the examining institution issuing the exam prior to making an appointment. 
  • The student must ensure that the testing materials are requested and received prior to the scheduled appointment. 
  • The student must notify the proctoring librarian if any scheduling changes are needed. Three (3) occurrences of tardiness beyond 15 minutes and/or missed appointments without prior notice will result in the student being permanently excluded from proctoring services. 
  • It is the responsibility of the student to know exam deadlines. The Library will keep issued exams for six weeks from the date of receipt, after which time exams will be destroyed or returned to the issuing examining institution.

Library Responsibilities:

  • Proctoring librarians will enforce all time limits, rules and/or restrictions specified by the examining institution. Any perceived violation will be reported to the examining institution. 
  • The Library is not responsible for exams that are interrupted by Library emergencies, power failures, and/or computer hardware or software failures. In these situations, the examining institution will be notified and the exam rescheduled or the fee refunded. 
  • The proctoring librarian will not agree to, in person or in writing, any statement that attests to anything beyond the scope of this policy. 
  • The Library will not assume responsibility for undelivered exams, nor inquire about overdue exams. 
  • The Library will not guarantee that completed exams, once mailed, will be received by the examining institution by a specific deadline


The student must present a picture ID before taking the test.

Testing area:

The designated testing area is a Study Room.


If any documents need to be mailed in relation to the proctored exam, postage and envelopes need to be provided by the customer.


  • The proctoring librarian will not be able to remain in the testing area during the entire testing period due to other duties. 
  • The Library will proctor both written and online exams. Online testing may be done via a library computer or a student’s personal computer, if permitted by the examining institution. 
  • The Library will attempt to download specially required software onto Library computers with a minimum of ten (10) days’ notice; software compatibility is not guaranteed. 
  • Requests for proctoring librarians’ personally identifiable information (e.g., home address, driver’s license number, personal phone number, etc.) will not be honored.

View the Library's full proctoring policy here.