Teen & Adult Programs

Seasonal Adult Flyer

The seasonal is on hold.  Normally, it  is easy to read - It breaks down the adult activity times based on the method of entry payment!
(Pass, Cash or AquaFit Tickets)

Aqua Fit Tickets

All Adult Fitness Programs are on hold.  A flexible solution to your workout needs! Purchase discount tickets that can be used for any "On Your Own" and Water Exercise Workouts. It is $40 a sheet of 12 tickets.  (Not for Summer Public Swim entry.)

Seasonal Lap Pass

All Adult Fitness Programs are on hold.  The fee is $48 for a Resident Individual Lap Pass, which covers all "On Your Own" activities with no extra charge.  The seasons are based on our LISD calendar and are broken down by Fall, Spring and Summer.

Instructor-Led Exercise Classes

Water Exercise

All Adult Fitness Programs are on hold.  Want to keep your hair dry but still get a fabulous head to toe workout?  Our teachers keep the class moving and grooving with music and a peppy set of drills.  Water Exercise Workouts

"On Your Own" Programs

"Hang Ten" Deep Water Jogging

All Adult Fitness Programs are on hold.  Grab a jog belt and head out to the 10’ deep area in our pool.  It can be ANY kind of workout you want... without ever touching the bottom of the pool.  Get a heart pounding aerobic set or a joint gentle round of stretches. "Hang Ten"

Liquid Laps

All Adult Fitness Programs are on hold.  If you like to cover distance, then lap swimming is a great stress busting workout.  We have hand paddles, kick boards and pull buoys.  You just need to supply your own goggles (or face mask/snorkel ) and the desire to swim. Liquid Laps

Shallow Water Striders

All Adult Fitness Programs are on hold.  Tired of dodging traffic or dealing with the weather during your walks?  Our heated Indoor Pool is a constant temperature and we promise to keep the cars out of your lane!  Your walking workout will have more impact on your muscles because you will be "lifting" weights with each step... yet better on your joints since the water will help support you. Striders

Programs From Outside Partners

Lifeguard Training

Want to work in the best summer industry that a teen can find?  Lifeguard Training gives you great leadership experience, challenging training throughout the summer, flexible schedules and a cadre of interesting co-workers!  To work at The Colony Aquatic Park, you can get your American Red Cross certification at many pools.  We partner with NorthStar Aquatic Safety Institute because of their high instructional standards.

Our job listing for potential employees is The Colony Job Site


Explore the beauty under the surface! Available classes include: Open Water, Rescue Diver, Underwater Photography, Videographer, Wreck Diving and more! Classes are scheduled almost every month.  For more information call or visit SCUBA Frisco

Try "Tri"

We partner with some powerhouse triathlete groups!