Hammer Head Stroke Clinic

Sure your child can swim laps, but are his strokes effective? Does he “muscle” his way down the lanes, lacking the finesse to become a total athlete? Does he wear out quickly, losing the finer points of his stroke… and ultimately adding seconds to his race? Tired of being part of the pack? Hammer Head Stroke Clinic for those who are already on a swim team and looking to make a jump in their standings. Even masterful champions rely on coaching to detail their swims into triumphs.

Hammer Head Stroke Clinic is clinic designed to take the solid basics your swimmer already brings to the pool and refine his details into a stronger, healthier and value added practice. This is not a swim team and the emphasis in not on distance. Students are expected to attend all sessions for the most effective progression through the course.

Small Classes

Smaller class means a bigger focus on details. This program will put your swimmer in a better position, whether he just wants to tune up before joining a seasonal swim club, or wants a detailed review to prepare for major competition. This clinic is for the person who wants to take what they love (swimming) and add techniques that will reward them on a sporting level.


If you are new to this program and have never been on a team please email Coach Angela Hernandez.

  • Novice Prerequisite
    • Ages 7 to 10
    • Can swim 25 yards freestyle/backstroke continuously
  • Intermediate Prerequisite
    • Ages 10 and up
    • Must be able to swim 50 yards freestyle and backstroke continuously
  • Advanced Prerequisite
    • Ages 11 and up
    • Must be able to swim all four competitive strokes 25 or 50 yards, with a goal of maintaining good technique for 100 yards

Seasonal Calendar

  • Spring 1: January- February
  • Spring 2: March - April
  • Fall 1: September -Early October
  • Fall 2: October


For complete list of dates, prices and registration, please go to The Colony Online Registration website.