Competitive Swim Programs

Our 25-yard indoor pool has six lanes and is heated year-round to 83 to 84 degrees. This training pool hosts two high school teams and five youth after-school swim programs.  

H2O Go!

Designed to "feel" like a swim team, this program trains in the standard language and style of a competitive group.  There are no long term commitments as swimmers register for eight-week sessions, attending once or twice a week as desired. There is no annual "membership fee", no specialized uniforms and no long distance travels to massive meets.  Train hard with a coach who knows how to make a workout fun! For parents unfamiliar with a team lesson plan, you will see several swimmers per lane making staggered starts to swim their length or laps. It's a lot of movement from one end of the pool to the other... with rest breaks and instruction on each end. It gets busy and loud... as each lane of swimmers works like a unit to finish the set.  This program is available year-round.  

Hammer Head Stroke Clinic

Tune your swimmer's solid basics into a stronger and healthier practice.  Focused coaching will refine existing details into a stroke that will move swimmers into a new bracket of competition.  This program offers intense lessons, with a limit of nine students and a schedule of two workouts per week.  There is no annual membership fee, no specialized uniforms, no meets and no long term commitment.  Many area swimmers register for this program on top of their regular team workouts to sharpen their abilities.  Don't get lost in the lanes...   This program is available during the LISD school year.

Hammer Head Summer Swim team

It's "Fin-tastic" fun training with a summer team that practices 4-5 mornings a week.  During June & July, the team will travel to a local indoor pool in Lewisville for several meets.  The team accommodates all levels of swimmers, as long as they are comfortable and confident stroking 25 yards without assistance.   It's a great way to make this summer special!

Programs from Outside Partners

Try Tri! 

These teams have youth group versions of their grown up groups.  Visit their team websites for pricing and times: