City Secretary

The Colony City Secretary reports to and serves the City Council by documenting all legal and official actions of the body. The City Secretary is the Records Manager for the city and as such is responsible for the management and preservation of the city’s records.   Public information requests are processed by the city secretary's office according to the Texas Public Information Act.  As a city official, the City Secretary is a statutory position required by State law and the City Charter.  The City Secretary maintains the corporate seal of the city and countersigns contracts and financial documents.

Municipal Elections

Municipal elections are overseen by the City Secretary who is responsible for ensuring that they are conducted in accordance with the Texas Election Code and the City Charter.  This office works with the county to secure polling locations, provide information to The Colony citizens and ensures that the election process is fair and open.

Boards & Commissions

The City Secretary also coordinates the appointment process for all boards and commissions.  Boards and commissions provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in an advisory role to the Council, providing invaluable input during monthly meetings. 

Minutes, Liens & Oath of Office Certifications 

Other responsibilities include processing liens, recording and documenting legislative actions of the City Council, posting meeting agendas, other legal notices and administering the oath of office to city officials and board members.  This office also provides administrative support for the City Council.

Customer Service to the Citizens

The City Secretary staff strives to provide timely and responsible customer service to the citizens of The Colony.