Internal Operating Purchasing Procedure

Internal Operating Purchasing Procedure for Receipt of Electronic Sealed Bids or Proposals

This procedure will apply to sealed bids and proposals that are estimated to cost $50,000+ or the sealed bid/proposal dollar levels as defined by current State law. This procedure is to ensure the identifications, security and confidentiality of electronic bids or proposals and to ensure that the electronic bids or proposals remain effectively unopened until the proper time.

The Purchasing Agent will follow the following steps:

  1. Place bid notice advertisements as required by State law. A notification will be added to the bid/proposal ad stating vendors may submit responses electronically through the designated Internet provider, listing the appropriate electronic address.
  2. The Purchasing Agent and no more than one (1) other designated person will have the password that will enable the user to open electronic responses at the established closing time, and not before.
  3. Bids/proposals and the recap summary will be opened, downloaded and printed.
  4. Hard document (paper) responses must be received in full sight of any interested party.
  5. Bids/proposals will be read aloud for all electronic and hard document responses received by closing time and date to interested parties present.
  6. Will post recap electronically as appropriate with the following statement: All bids submitted for the designated project are reflected on this bid tab sheet. However, the listing of a bid on this sheet should not be construed as a comment on the responsiveness of such bid or as any indication that the City accepts such bid as responsive. The City will notify the successful bidder upon award of the contract.