Submission of Application

Vendors who wish to receive all bids, quotations and proposals without having to contact the Purchasing Office each time should contact Bonfire or by requesting a faxed registration form by calling  800-990-9339. The City of The Colony uses BidSync to distribute and receive bids and proposals. There will be no cost to the vendor for standard bids or proposals. 

For Cooperative Bids and Reverse Auctions only, the successful Vendor(s) agree to pay to Bonfire a transaction fee of two (2%) percent of the total awarded amount of all contracts for goods and/or services. Cooperative Bids and Reverse Auctions will be clearly marked as such on the bid documents . To assure that all Vendors are treated equally, the fee will be payable whether the bid/proposal is submitted electronically or by paper means. Refer to the BidSync website for more information.

Departmental Purchases

The individual departments are empowered to make purchases, without the need of a Purchase Order, for items/services costing less than $3,000. For purchases between $1,000 and $2,999.99, the requesting department must obtain three written quotes or request that the Purchasing Agent obtain them by posting their quotation information on the City's Bonfire website. Vendors should contact the Purchasing Agent before calling on individual departments. Purchasing will refer vendors to departments or advise the departments of vendors' offerings, whichever is appropriate. The individual departments are busy providing services to the City's residents and businesses and are not staffed to interview vendors.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (PO) must be issued before goods and services costing in excess of $3,000 can be ordered. If a vendor fails to secure a P.O. or a valid P.O. number before delivering goods or services, there is a possibility that the vendor will not receive payment for such unauthorized delivery of goods or services.

All invoices for amounts in excess of $3,000 must include the Purchase Order Number to facilitate prompt payment.