PlayTC! Catalog

The Colony Parks and Recreation Department produces three PlayTC! catalogs (formerly the Fun Times catalog) each year. The PlayTC! catalog contains all kinds of information relating to our parks, various recreation opportunities, the Public Library, the local arts scene, and much more. The PlayTC! catalog is mailed to every residence in The Colony, and is also available to be picked up at The Colony Recreation Center, City Hall, The Colony Community Center and The Colony Aquatic Park.

Browse the digital versions by clicking on the most recent PlayTC! catalog issues:

PlayTC Fall 2023 - cover Opens in new windowPlayTC! Summer 2023 Catalog




Release Schedule

The schedule for release of the PlayTC! catalog is as follows:

  • Spring - schedule for January, February, March and April. Released in early to mid-December.
  • Summer - schedule for May, June, July and August. Released in early to mid-April.
  • Fall - schedule for September, October, November and December. Released in early to mid-August.

Become an Instructor

Are you an instructor who is interested in starting a program with the Parks and Recreation Department to be included in the PlayTC! catalog? If you have a special talent or skill that you would like to share with the community by offering a recreation class, visit our Instructors page or call 972-625-1106 to get information on becoming our next new instructor!