Bicycle Patrol


The Colony bicycle patrol unit started officially in June 1996. The officers use the bikes to patrol districts and work special events

Bicycle patrols are an effective way to patrol our residential and business communities. Bike officers can travel faster and farther than officers on foot and they are able to patrol areas that patrol cars can't reach. 

Bicycles give officers the advantage of stealth, because they can silently ride right up to a crime before they are noticed. Since the bicycle officer is more approachable than one in a patrol car, this is a good example of the department's belief in community policing.

Safety Tips 

  • Use your head. Wear a helmet.
  • Bicycle helmets reduce your risk of serious head and brain injury by nearly 90%
  • 97% of people killed in bicycle crashes with motor vehicles nationwide were not wearing a helmet
  • Each year, 40,000 children in the U.S are treated in emergency rooms for head injuries sustained while bicycling

More Information

The Colony Police Department bicycle officers are always happy to answer any questions about the program. For more information, contact SGT TJ Vowell-Zendel at email  email or telephone 972-625-1887 at The Colony Police Department.