Online Application Process & Checklists

Pre-Development Process

To schedule your Pre-Development Meeting with the Development Review Committee please fill out the Pre-Development Meeting Request.

Zoning Verification

To request a Zoning Verification Letter for a specific property please fill out the Zoning Verification Letter Request.

Application Submittal Process

  1. All developments are highly encouraged to schedule a Pre-Development meeting. The purpose of the meeting is for the applicant to receive feedback from multiple departments on proposed projects. 
  2. Select a project type below to review the checklist and required documents for that specific project type.
  3. Submit your application and upload plans on the Online Development Portal. The Online Development Portal opens the Friday before the Monday submittal date and closes on Monday 5pm. 
  4. Learn how to use the application submittal software.
  5. All Online Project Applications require a Certificate of Acknowledgement signed by the property owner and notarized. Access to this document is available on the Online Development Portal or by accessing the following link.

    Certificate of Acknowledgement

       30 Day Clock Waiver for Plat Applications

Application Checklists