Communications Division

The Colony Communications Division was established in early 1981 to handle the needs of the growing community relieving the Sheriff’s Department of this responsibility. The Communications Division originally had a staff of four, which consisted of one supervisor and three dispatchers and since that time has grown to eleven dispatchers plus a supervisor.

Communications, like patrol, is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week operation. This requires having a minimum of two dispatchers on duty at all times to handle all activity and demands of the position.


The dispatchers are responsible for answering all 911 calls, and any calls that involve a response from police and/or fire department personnel. Dispatchers must ascertain pertinent information and relay it to responding units thoroughly and quickly. 

While advances in technology give the dispatcher access to greater amounts of information and alternate ways of conveying it to responders, the human element of getting the information from those in need and getting the proper help to them remains largely a human function that requires amazing amounts of calm, resolve, and the ability to multi-task under stress. 

The Colony Dispatchers are all trained in Emergency Medical Dispatching which is a program to allow the dispatcher to start providing aid to those in medical distress even before Fire Department Paramedics arrive on scene.


The Colony Police Department Dispatchers have been recognized state wide for excellence. Twice a The Colony Police Dispatcher has been recognized as “Telecommunicator of the Year” for the State of Texas and they have also received multiple “Silent Hero” awards. Dispatchers often remain the “unsung heroes” as they are not seen but they provide an irreplaceable asset to the service of our citizens.

More Information

For more information about the communications division please contact Shannon Corbitt.