Traffic Division

With the rapid growth in the area, the awareness for additional traffic enforcement was a high concern among residents of The Colony. Not only has the population of The Colony grown, and as a result traffic increased, but also the cities surrounding us have made through traffic a concern.


The officers assigned to this division have received additional training in accident investigation. In addition, they have received training in related areas such as accident reconstruction, photography of accident scenes, and issues dealing with commercial vehicles.

The objectives of the traffic division are the following: education, enforcement, and investigation. The officers assigned to this unit have been utilized as teachers in local drivers education programs. They have also attended neighborhood meetings to hear first hand the concerns of residents, and try to work together on a solution. Enforcement action comes in many ways aside from the issue of a court summons. However at times this is the only action afforded to the situation.


The investigation of accidents entails more than the preparation of an accident report. The officer is able to reconstruct the chain of events that lead to, or contributed to the impact. Unless a criminal offense is involved, the actual traffic accident is a civil matter between the operators or owners of the vehicles. The report that is sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety is for statistical purposes. It helps to identify the need for improvements in highway design or construction. On the local level, officers routinely identify the need for changes and improvements in the road system that is under the direct control of the city of The Colony. They then pass this information onto city engineers who investigate these recommendations.

Officers who investigate traffic accidents will provide the drivers involved with an information sheet that contains all of the necessary information to negotiate alternate transportation needs or initial claims for emergency medical services. 

Accident Reports

The final police report can usually be picked up within three business days. Contact the Records Division at the police department located at 5151 North Colony Boulevard. Special arrangements can be made for those needing a copy of the report after 5 p.m.