Road Repairs

Construction Update

Schedules presented in the following updates may vary depending on weather conditions.

Current Engineering Capital Projects

Main Street Widening (FM 423 South)

Main Street is being widened to eight lanes from the Tollway north to Cougar Alley/Ridgepointe Drive and to six lanes north to US 380.

Intersection Improvement at Memorial Drive and Blair Oaks Drive:  

Memorial Drive will be widened from a four-lane divided arterial street to a six-lane divided arterial street for 850 linear feet at Blair Oaks Drive intersection. Left and right turn lanes will be added to this intersection. The project will include paving and drainage improvements, water and wastewater system adjustments and signal/street light installation. All roadway widening will occur within the existing median. To allow a smooth transition through the intersection, a portion of Blair Oaks Drive will also be reconstructed with this project. Drainage improvements will be added on Blair Oaks Drive to assist with drainage within the intersection. The existing corrugated metal pipe culvert in Blair Oaks Drive is in a deteriorated condition and will be replaced with concrete box culverts. Design services are anticipated to be completed in April 2018. The project has a construction cost of $1,849,000.00 and is anticipated to begin August 2018 and be completed in August 2019.

Stream Bank Stabilization Along Taylor Street  

Erosion problems are occurring on Stream SC-1-A near the City’s Aquatic Center and downstream along Taylor Street. If not addressed, these erosion problems could cause damage to Taylor Street and the culvert near North Colony Boulevard. The project includes re-grading the channel banks to a flatter slope, installing storm pipes, outfalls structures and retaining walls. This project also includes the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the existing stream that will be connected to a future park pedestrian trail. The project has a construction cost of $1,104,710.50 and began construction in April 2018 with an estimated completion in November 2018.

Phase 7 Street Reconstruction

Four residential streets and one alley will be re-constructed to the same width as existing with reinforced concrete pavement.Existing sidewalk and driveway returns within right-of-ways will also be re-constructed, as well as applicable storm drains, water and wastewater mains and street lights.  The project has a construction cost of $3,154,923.75 and is anticipated to begin construction in March 2018 and be completed in May 2019.  The streets and alley to be re-constructed are as follows:

Street Name:

Hackney Lane – Blair Oaks Drive to Blair Oaks Drive. 

Augusta Street – Hale Street to Curry Drive.

McAfee Drive – Independence Drive to Dooley Drive.

Cockrell Circle – From 170 feet south of Hetherington Driveto the cul-de-sac

Alley Name:

Dooley Alley - Located North of Dooley Drive.