Records Division

The Colony Police Department Records Division is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays). Four full-time employees staff this division.


Accident reports cost $6 and are available after three business days. Accident Report Requests must be made in person due to online payment for a report is not available. Offense reports (burglary, theft, assault, etc.,) are free of charge, unless the report exceeds 10 pages then a fee of $0.10 per page will be required. For Open Case Report Requests, only the front-page / Summary Report will be available.

Readily available offense reports (front page only) are available for the last three years. The police blotter is available for the current working year and one previous year. Accident reports are available for the current working year and two previous years.

The police blotter (activities that occur during each shift of each day) can be viewed while the Records Division is open. To view the police blotter, call 972-625-8273 to make an appointment.

More Information

In requesting information pursuant to the Open Government statutes in Texas. Understand if the incident about which you have requested information is pending litigation, you will receive only the portion that is required to be released. Understand The Colony Police Department has (10) business days to process your request. Understand in lieu of releasing the information, The Colony Police Department may request on opinion from the Office of the Attorney General. there may be charges assessed for research involved in processing the request. With any request that may result in more than $40.00 in charges, you will be sent an estimate before the request is processed and  must respond to that estimate if you wish the request to be processed. You will be contacted when your request is completed. Completed requests will be held for only then (10) business days after notification. Understand if you fail to complete the request prior to the expiration of ten (10) business days and subsequently re-request the information, you must pay all charges associated with BOTH requests prior to the information being released. 

Please contact Police Records for more information. If you have a request for any public information, you may download and print out the appropriate Request Form below or submit the request online.