Private Development

Private Development projects include various new projects pioneered by the private sector to enhance our city while building the economic status within our community. The Engineering Department manages these projects by conducting the following tasks:

  • Review and approve construction plans for public infrastructure (i.e., public streets, water, wastewater, and drainage facilities)
  • Review plats, participate in the Development Review Committee (DRC), and attend Planning and Zoning Commission meetings
  • Conduct engineering inspection of construction for public infrastructure
  • Maintain Engineering Design Manual, standard construction specifications, and standard construction details for water, wastewater, streets, and drainage facilities
  • Monitor projects for 2-years after construction during maintenance bond period
  • Administer the collection of engineering inspection fees and drainage impact fees
  • Provide developers and their engineers with construction plans for existing infrastructure, as well as information on the floodplain and the city's master plans

Find photos of private development in the photo gallery.