Fact-Checking Resources

A free speech organization called PEN America has come up with the following resources to promote media literacy:  

Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center - Here is a place to comb through if you want to see the breadth of misinformation about the pandemic.

Fact Check - This site was developed by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.  It is non-partisan and monitors for political accuracy.

Fact CheckerPut out by The Washington Post, this site fact-checks for political content.

All Sides - Here is a resource that offers perspectives on topical news stories from the left, center, and from the right.  They also offer a "media bias rating".

Snopes.com - Here is an organization that has has been around since 1994 and fact-checks internet content.

Politifact.com -  Created by The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, this site fact-checks for political content.

Reporterslab.org - Here is a database of both national and global fact-checking resources.