Senior/Community Center Now Open for Limited Activities by Reservation Only

New Activity Information!

Check out all of the activities on the Week-at-a-Glance!  Some are inside the building and others are outdoors or at alternate locations.  The Senior/Community Center is now open for activities by pre-registration only.  Masks are encouraged, social distancing is practiced and proof of vaccination is not required.  No food or drink is being served, however you are welcome to bring your own beverage.  Rooms will be closed in-between activities for cleaning and sanitizing.  Please arrive just before your scheduled activity and limit after activity visiting to outside the building.  It is very exciting to finally have seniors able to attend activities in the building.  If you have any questions about the items listed, please give us a call at 972-624-2246.  Hope to see you soon!

Week-at-a Glance

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The Colony Seniors Newsletter

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TC Senior Bingo Live! 

Thursdays:  First number called at 10:00am

Available at the Community Center and via Zoom

Community Center:  Card sales at 9:30am,  First number called at 10:00am.  

Via Zoom:  Log-in at 9:50am, First number called at 10:00am.  See info below for online play.

 How To Play:  images

Card Instructions

  • Go to this link 
  • Click on the button Generate Card. This card is interactive.  You may click or touch the number to mark your card.  Click a second time to erase the mark.  Generate more than one card by opening another screen and repeating the above process. 
  • If you prefer to play with paper cards, generate and print as many cards as you need. Each card you generate will be different.  You can use pennies for markers and then be able to re-use your cards.
  • If you are unable to print cards, call the center at 972-624-2246, to arrange a time to pick-up a tablet of cards.

  • Login to FaAmy Bingo Background Opens in new windowcebook here and look for the photo of the Bingo board prior to 10am to play. 
  • If you get a Bingo, Facebook comment BINGO and list the numbers for the Bingo.
  • Winners grab your phone, take a picture of yourself with your winning card and send it to or Winner selfies will appear in the next email newsletter.
  • All players are encouraged to Comment or Like the bingo post so we know who and how many are playing.

Pickin Grinnin pic

Pickin’ & Grinnin’ Live!

Tuesdays at 1:00pm

Available at the Community Center and  via Facebook Live.

Fred and Lavelle are back!  Join them each Tuesday when 3 - 4 players will be featured for your listening enjoyment of Classic Country, Blue Grass and Gospel.  You will find this to be live classic music at its best.  Ya’ll come!

Login 10 minutes before start time at:

Stayin and Playin Collage 2020Stayin’ & Playin’

Thursdays at 12:00pm

Available at the Community Center and via Facebook Live.

Enjoy Contemporary Country and Light Rock  as each week, 3-4 players will be featured playing a variety of newer country and some of the classic rock you love.  Be sure and join us for a good time!

Login 10 minutes before start time at:

Cardio Drummingcardio drumming

9:00 - 9:50 Tuesday & Thursday at the Community Center

Cardio drumming takes a simple movement - drumming - and turns it into a full-body workout that will leave you smiling, glistening, and feeling great. Using the exercise ball as your drum, and mixing in fun moves, cardio drumming turns tapping the beat to a song into a workout you won’t want to stop! Feel the beat and join the fun!

Want to practice anytime?  Cardio Drumming routines are available online.  Click here to select all Cardio Drumming routines to play sequentially

AFEP Chair Exercise

Chair exercise 8-12-19 aChair Exercise is now available at the Community Center and via Zoom M-W-F at 9:15am

To exercise at home anytime, join Michelle for a video chair exercise workout with either bands or weights.  If you don’t have weights, substitute a can of vegetables or bottle of water.  Benefits of this program may include:  reduced pain and stiffness, restored/maintained range of motion, improved balance/coordination, and decreased fatigue/increased endurance.          Click here for Band Class                 Click here for Weight Class

Chair Yoga with Pat Bock

Relax and enjoy a calming routine that stretches and increases mobility as lead by Pat Bock. Click here for a moderate chair exercise class.

Chair Yoga Pat Bock

Pickin’ & Grinnin’2020-04-17 08_11_29-Joe - I Saw The Light - YouTube

Available at the Community Center and via Facebook Live on Tuesdays at 1:00pm.

Listen along with Fred, Lavelle and the group for a little noise making and a lot of fun! Tap your toes and clap your hands as you listen to some old favorite Blue Grass, Country and Gospel. 

Want to listen anytime?  Click here to view the full song list available!