Meet Our Staff

PARD Staff

The Colony Parks and Recreation Department staff and volunteers take their jobs seriously to make The Colony a better place to live for all citizens. The following mission statement has been adopted to express this dedication to the community: Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of The Colony by providing a variety of safe, modern and affordable Parks and Recreation facilities and activities to meet the diverse and growing needs of our community.


Pam Nelson Community Services Director 972-624-3958
Kathy Neal Administrative Assistant 972-624-3957
Eve Morgan Park Development Manager 972-624-3956
Chase Smith Park Project Manager 972-624-3198

David Swain Recreation Manager 972-624-3959
Amber Downing Recreation Supervisor 972-624-3951
Kacy George Recreation Specialist 972-624-3955
Brian Vonderlin Athletics Supervisor 972-624-3950
Elyssia Johnson Athletics Leader 972-624-3953  
Lindsey Stansell Special Events Supervisor 972-624-3952
OPEN POSITION Events Specialist 972-624-3955  
OPEN POSITION Recreation Leader II 972-624-3953  
Nick Depew Recreation Leader 972-624-3953
Nancy Lemus Recreation Leader 972-624-3953
Piper Powell Recreation Leader 972-624-3953
Bailee Duncan Recreation Leader 972-624-3953
OPEN POSITION Recreation Leader 972-624-3953  
OPEN POSITION Recreation Leader 972-624-3953  
Community Center

Diana Holland Community Center Supervisor 972-624-2246
Michelle Tell Programs Leader 972-624-2246
Ron Czarny Recreation Leader 972-624-2246
Shirley Johnson Recreation Leader 972-624-2246
Kay Carr Recreation Leader 972-624-2246
Amy Brown Recreation Leader 972-624-2246

Elise Knox Aquatics Manager 972-624-2225
Wanda Brown Aquatic Park Office Manager 972-624-2225
Joe Bustos Aquatic Park Maintenance 972-624-2225
Jim Davis Aquatic Park PT Maintenance 972-624-2225

Jackie Kopsa Park Maintenance Manager 972-624-3969
Jim Mackin Greenscape/Landscape Supervisor
Shane Bartel Mowing Crew Leader
Jeff Downing Mowing Crew    
Marvin Hall Mowing Crew    
Eric Moss Landscape Crew Leader
Thomas Dingler Landscape Crew    
Caelin Robison Landscape Crew    
Marlisa Jemison Parks Supervisor
David Gibson Athletics Crew Leader
Dillon Waisner Athletics Crew    
OPEN POSITION Athletics Crew    
Cody Eisenbeis Parks Crew Leader
Julian Herrera Parks Crew    
Tim Anderson Parks Crew