Meet Our Staff

TCPARD Staff May 2022

The Colony Parks and Recreation Department staff and volunteers take their jobs seriously to make The Colony a better place to live for all citizens. The following mission statement has been adopted to express this dedication to the community: Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of The Colony by providing a variety of safe, modern and affordable Parks and Recreation facilities and activities to meet the diverse and growing needs of our community.


Jackie Kopsa Community Services Director 972-624-3958 [email protected]
Calvin Lehmann Park Development Manager 972-624-3956 [email protected]
Chase Smith Park Project Manager 972-624-3198 [email protected]

Lindsey Stansell Recreation Admin. Manager 972-624-3951 [email protected]
Andrea DuArte Recreation Coordinator 972-624-3975 [email protected]
Chloe Hancock
Special Events Supervisor 972-625-3952 [email protected]
Brian Vonderlin Recreation Manager 972-624-3959 [email protected]
Kacy George Athletics Supervisor 972-624-3950 [email protected]
Community Center

Annette Carrico Community Center Supervisor 972-624-2246 [email protected]

Kirstin Wilson Aquatics Manager                     972-624-2225 [email protected]

Marlisa Jemison Parks Manager 972-624-3968 [email protected]
Chase Townley Greenscape & Special Events Supervisor 972-624-4453 [email protected]
David Gibson Parks Supervisor 972-624-3969 [email protected]