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The City of The Colony is committed to maintaining an environment where residents and visitors can be sure they are consuming safe and wholesome food through conducting regular health inspections at all food service establishments.  Eliminating the risk factors that contribute to food borne illnesses is the goal of performing regular health inspections.

The City of The Colony maintains two full-time health inspectors who evaluate and monitor all food service establishments.  Inspections audit compliance with food service codes and review food handling practices by establishment employees.  The City of The Colony provides guidance, training and educational services to the general public and food service industry personnel.  The Health Inspector coordinates and provides technical assistance to local, state, and federal health jurisdictions and agencies such as Denton County, Texas Department of Health, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Coordination with other jurisdictions aids in preventing and investigating food borne illnesses. 

Food Service Inspections and Scores

Each food service establishment within the city is inspected a minimum of three times per year.  All observed violations are documented at the time of inspection.  It is important to remember that inspection reports are snapshots of the food handling at the establishment at the time of the inspection-conditions may vary when you visit.

Restaurant Health Inspection Scores

Non-Restaurant Health Inspection Scores

Required Registrations for Food Service Establishment Employees

A Registered Food Service Manager is required to be on duty at all times during establishment operations. Information on obtaining a Registered Food Service Manager Certification can be found here. Additionally, all persons working in a food service establishment are required to register their state issued Food Handler Card with The City of The Colony. Information on obtaining a Food Handler Card can be found here.

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